Success Stories

“Kim worked with me to identify underlying causes for lack of purpose, peace and joy in my life. In a one-day retreat, Kim and I worked through these causes and identified strategies to overcome them in my daily life. I’ve noticed a difference in my ability to maintain peace and experience joy. Kim’s guidance has led me to new revelations and long lasting peace, joy, and purpose.”

~VM, Montana


Success Stories

“Since I got engaged 8- years ago, I have struggled to have a relationship with my mother-in-law. A very controlling person, she made me feel inadequate and afraid to be myself. I never felt that she supported her son, or our marriage. I went to see Kim for an intuitive reading. Kim helped me see that many of my issues with my mother-in-law were actually a result of my own past experiences. Kim taught me several important coping techniques, and helped me realize that I could have a relationship with my mother-in-law without compromising my own self. Today, in large part to Kim, I have a healthy relationship with my in-laws. I can set healthy boundaries and I now feel emotionally supported and connected to my own feelings and needs. Not only has this improved my own sense of self, but it made my relationship with my husband stronger.”

~AK, Montana


“Kim knows just what you need even if you don’t. She has helped me through a lot of emotional and physical pain, more than any other “specialty”. She is amazing and I would recommend her to everyone!”

~CB, Montana


“I came to Kim for a retreat when my life was in shambles. I lost my source of income, my marriage was on the rocks and my family was rejecting me.  Kim helped me see how I was following family patterns in the hope of healing the family.  I was only rejecting myself.  I did a retreat and we worked in several ways to let that go.  I have moved forward and am working towards a better future.  Thanks to the understanding and kindness Kim displayed.”

~KB, Montana



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