Seeds of Thought: Seeking the Joy Vibration

Russel dog joydog

Last week we had a wave of smoke descend over our valley. Along with the encroachment of the smoke, I became aware how very sad and emotional I was feeling.  It took me a few hours before I decided I needed to stop what I was doing and find out where the sadness was coming from.

When I became aware of myself and the energy around me,I realized I was tuning into the vibration of the fire. The fear and sadness from nature, the trees, the animals, birds and insects. The grief of nature herself. (As an em-path it is very for easy for me to tune into these vibrations.) At first I went into my whole “Why do I do this?” mantra of feeling sorry for myself. During this tirade, I recognized this was a healing opportunity.

I first printed off a Radical Transformation Worksheet and filled it out.  This allowed me to feel my feelings and re-frame my thoughts and my world beliefs into a different mindset. It was then that it came to me.

As humans, we naturally lean toward the negative and constantly look out for danger. This is healthy when we  actually are in danger. Yet, often we are safe and we still tune into the negative. Em-paths are known for carrying other’s pain. We learn time and again to tune into the pain and low vibrations of grief, anger, fear etc. We seem to have  antennae that only tune into these stations. We hone that skill well.

Vibrations of joy, peace and love are still only vibrations. They are a higher level of vibration and thus are not as familiar to us when we are putting our antennae out into the world. Especially if we have kept our skill in the survival mode.

Have you ever just  awoken in an exuberant mood for no known reason? Maybe you decided you had slept well or had good dreams? That is possible, but you also might have tuned into a higher vibration. This is what you are looking for. Every feeling you have has a vibration, and it joins all the others in the collective consciousness at that vibration. We focus on the lower ones, so we feel them more, and often get stuck in them.

You can learn to focus differently make this a healing opportunity.

First clear yourself and center into your own energy. Then decide to search for the vibration of love. Start to hum. Next, make up and sing a song about how you feel. Let yourself feel what you are feeling. When you can not think of any more words, go back to humming until you feel like stopping. Then just notice how you are doing. Have you shifted your vibration?

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