I specialize in helping you find the origins of your discontent or pain, be it physical or emotional. I start you on your journey of empowerment by taking you inside yourself and helping you find the beautiful light that is you.

Below, you’ll find some of the ways we can navigate those waters together…




Single  Session

Enjoy a one time coaching session and / or reading. This is a start-your-path type session to see if we are a good match for each other without a  big commitment. It is also a good place to start if you just are looking for clarity around one issue. This can be in person, through Skype/internet, or over the phone. Contact me to set up your session.



Continuing Coaching

Insight can happen in a moment. Sometimes that is really all we need for a solution is an insight. Transformation and visceral knowing take longer. If you are looking for deeper insight, self knowledge and true transformation, I have a variety of programs from three sessions for a very specific problem, up to a year long study of an archetypal wheel. Finding the right program for you includes a complementary thirty minute call .

Enlightening Day Retreat

Need a breakthrough to jump start your journey? Maybe you have no idea of what your issues or problems are that cause you pain. A retreat is rich way to immerse yourself in healing with soul to get the breakthrough you need. This helps you move forward in your life. (Retreats can be in person or virtual.)

Your soul will be nourished.

You will feel like you are getting back into alignment with yourself.

You will be seen and heard deeply.

Each retreat is individually designed specifically for you. All materials are included. Healthy snacks and a gourmet lunch are part of the program (for in person only).  You will leave the retreat with a better understanding of your issues, clarity in what you are going to do next and a sense of peace. Contact me for more information and to get set up for your own personalized day retreat.




Socrates said that the greatest gift you can give yourself is to “Know Thyself”.

In Archetypes 101, you get to start to know yourself.  Archetypes can help you understand your past behaviors and desires that you don’t really understand. Learning your particular archetypes can help you make more positive decisions in the future. Archetypes help you learn about yourself in an observant, detached and fun way. Here are just some of the ways learning archetypes can help you.Programs

  • Reclaim your personal power
  • Make wiser decisions
  • Live a soul directed life
  • Easier relationships
  • Become less reactive
  • Improve your compassion


Enjoy these sessions  from the comfort of your home. These classes will help you to understand how archetypes influence you and the world around you. By learning archetypes and what archetypes that you personally have, you can reach a deeper understanding of yourself at a soul level. Included in your course:

  • A set of Archetype cards
  • Sacred Contracts Book for resource, by Carolyn Myss
  • Six sessions
  • Private Facebook Page
  • 15 minute private consultation by phone with Kim
  • An archetype is universal pattern of energy, often ancient, such as The Mother. The archetype of the mother starts with the energy of the maiden, moves into the energy of the the mother, and develops in to the wise one. The wise one is known under many names: Sage, Crone, Wild Woman, Sea witch, and Fairy Godmother.


Class + Book + Cards: $109.97


Class only: $79.97


* I am   A Certified Archetype Consultant/spiritual Director  from CMED.

Take the next step in your journey. It’s time.

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