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I have the most adorable two year old grand daughter, Paige. Watching her learn and play is such a joy. She teaches me so much about life. The other day she demonstrated how we get into the habit of stuffing and suppressing our feelings.
We were in the basement with her mother and baby brother.  As it happens when adults are with children, we try to have conversations and play with the kids at the same time. This is what I was doing.  My grandaughter looked up at her mother and said ”  No Mamma, go,upstairs!”

After the inital recoil, my daughter bless her heart, explained that even though Paige wanted to be only with her grandma, sometimes we are all together. Then she asked Paige what she was feeling and offered to emotional freedom tap with her.  Paige, squirmed away  and started to play with some toys. We can all guess as to what Paige actually was feeling, but we won’t  ever know for sure. What I saw, was a confused little girl, not knowing what to do.

What at age two, that Paige was already doing, is deciding that  her feeling was either too scary to allow out at that moment, or it was not safe to express. She ended up distracting herself instead.

How many times a day do you do that?  How many times a day do you have a feeling that you don’t really want to feel? Or maybe you don’t have time for it? Now imagine a whole lifetime of this kind of energy building up. How can you clear that energy?

One of the best ways is to take a  few deep breaths in the moment, and really allow yourself to feel whatever it is.  Use all your senses to experince it. This usually really can be done in just a moment. Feelings are fleeting and often just seeking acknowledgement.  If it is something that you really do have to wait until later, mentally set up a time to come back and release that feeling, when it is safe to do so.

I hope this information will enlighten you as it it did me. If you are in too much stress and pain, and need more help, I have more tools and techniques to help you.



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