Free for You

I  send out  a newsletter on a random basis and I would love to share with you.

I know……I, too, get so much email and junk that I really get overwhelmed.

My newsletter is not regular, but sent out when I have something I think you would like to hear or need to know about. Sometime it contains little exercises to try. As you are part of my newsletter circle, I will let you know of upcoming events and classes. I keep you updated on what I am doing.

My newsletter circle members get discounts or specials such as card readings of the day. If this sounds like something you want to be part of, please sign up here.


If you want to get to know how I think and get a feel of who I am, this 21 day guide on starting your journey to more joy and peace is for you.


Free For You


I designed a 21day email program that helps you see the connection of mind, body and spirit.

Every day you receive an email from me that covers the topic of the day and  includes easy tips to incorporate it into your life.

    • Week one – I cover the basics of feeling and becoming aware of energy.
    • Week two – I cover your physical body.
    • Week three – I cover  how emotions fit into the picture.

After receiving my 21 emails, you will be more resilient and capable of seeing your life in a new light.

My goal is to help more people achieve joy and peace. I created the 21 day mini program to get you jump started in becoming  more balanced:  physically, energetically and emotionally. Sign up here.