Seeds of Thought: Easy Meditation

I really hope that you are considering, or have added some form of meditation to your day. Even one or two minutes helps train your brain, calm your nervous system, and provide numerous other health benefits.

When I first started taking time to be in solitude, I thought something was wrong with me. I’m naturally a busy person, constantly doing things that fill my day.  Yet the more I tried to do, the more worried and stressed I became.  I wasn’t connecting the dots that my worry over my teenagers, my job, and life in general was causing me to slow down and take time for myself.  I was not familiar with being still, yet intuitively I was taking care of myself the best possible way – by slowing down and spacing out.

Those few minutes of spacing out turned into a whole afternoon. It became a family joke to not come home during mom’s alone time. It still took me several years to realize that this time is vital to my health in every way. To this day, if I don’t allow myself enough time in solitude, I get moody, cranky and turn towards depression.

One of the keys when starting solitude and meditation is to choose a time and make it sacred.  Add ritual to encourage your mind engagement.  Do it in the same place every day.  This can be a physical place, or a room you set up in your mind. Make an intention of what you want and visualize it happening.

Say you want to lower your blood pressure.  Go to your special place. Do your ritual, and take a few cleansing breaths.  Picture in your mind your circulatory system.  See it moving and think of the ideal pressure for you. Repeat over and over in your mind, my healthiest blood pressure is 90/60 (or whatever goal you are aiming for).  Then just be silent and allow the action to happen.  Feel it.  I always end with a thank you to myself and the universe. Repeat for at least 21 days. (It takes 21 days to make it a habit).

Sometimes we just cannot make ourselves commit for whatever reason. Often we have to expend energy in order to motivate ourselves.  I know this is true for me.  This is when a coach or a group commitment helps us. I started the Monday night group healing meditations for exactly this reason. By committing to the same time every week, you build habit into your practice.  I charge to make you expend energy so you will commit.  I keep the cost low, at $20 a month, so that it’s affordable.  Plus, you get the added benefit of group intention for healing. Take advantage of this easy way to start your meditation practice.

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