Archetypes 101

Socrates said that the greatest gift you can give yourself is to “Know Thyself”.

An archetype is universal pattern of energy, often ancient, such as The Mother. The archetype of the mother starts with the energy of the maiden, moves into the energy of the the mother, and develops in to the wise one. The wise one is known under many names: Sage, Crone, Wild Woman, Sea witch, and Fairy Godmother.

In Archetypes 101, you get to start to know yourself.  Archetypes can help you understand your past behaviors and desires that you don’t really understand. Learning your particular archetypes can help you make more positive decisions in the future. Archetypes help you learn about yourself in an observant, detached and fun way. Here are just some of the ways learning archetypes can help you.Programs

  • Reclaim your personal power
  • Make wiser decisions
  • Live a soul directed life
  • Easier relationships
  • Become less reactive
  • Improve your compassion


Enjoy these sessions  from the comfort of your home. These classes will help you to understand how archetypes influence you and the world around you. By learning archetypes and what archetypes that you personally have, you can reach a deeper understanding of yourself at a soul level. Included in your course:

  • Six video sessions
  • Private Facebook Page
  • 15 minute private consultation by phone with Kim




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It is optional but for better understanding and clarity you will want the set of Archetype cards and the book Sacred Contracts by Carolyn Myss. You can get the book and the archetype cards here through Amazon. (Note:Prices are subject to change.)


* I am   A Certified Archetype Consultant/spiritual Director  from CMED.

Take the next step in your journey. It’s time.

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