My mission is to raise consciousness by causing more joy and peace in the world, one heart at a time.


By empowering your soul towards congruence in your heart and mind.To find that place of peace and hold it during the chaos that surrounds you.
As a soul coach, I offer a wide range of resources to help you balance your physical, emotional and spiritual health and empower you to shine your brightest.

If you want to understand your self on a deeper level  and become empowered, I can help you.



Some of the benefits others have reported:

  • Full quality of life
  • More resilience
  • Increased feelings of joy and peace
  • Deeper relationship skills
  • Healing
  • Increased Vitality


If you are ready to awaken yourself to be the best person you can be I can help you. Often it is pain or illness that starts us on a mission to find our soul.  This is commonly called a hero’s journey. Let me help you on that journey.

I understand your pain.

I have been in your shoes.

My pain of isolation and loss led me on a journey to find answers.

I am ready to help you on your path towards healing and inner knowing.


I am part of the collaborative book 365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything. A  just released warm- hearted book of 365 short stories that will surely touch your soul. Click here to learn more or to order.

I am an an Intuitive and a Soul Coach. My desire to have more peace and less suffering in my life has led me to be a seeker of  knowledge and wisdom.  The love of sharing this knowledge makes me uniquely qualified to help you. Empowering you to reach towards your highest self enables me to meet my mission of: More joy and peace in the world, one heart at a time.

Listen to the interview with Yolanda Williams from Yew Chi Wellness on Reiki Radio.


Here is a success story:

Kim gave me an Intuitive Reading from color cards. She gave me a reading for my experiences, not just a general ‘good for everybody’ story. Some of the ideas she presented went back to my childhood, releasing things I had never thought of before. Now I understand why events have happened the way they did. It was eye-opening!

~C.H., Florida


Do you have pain in your life? Visit ‘Is this you’, to learn more.